« On est tunisien!!! Mais on a pas de place en TUNISIE!!! »

Veuve avec 3 enfants habite une cabane dont le toit est en tôle.

Ces enfants sont brillants,le petit affirme » le robinet d’eau est a une heure de route d’ici et pour faire nos études il nous faut une « ftila »( torchon tromper dans l’huile et l’essence).

Cette famille à besoin de vous 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 j’arrive pas à trouver les mots😶😶.

# aide #enfance_en_danger #humanité # solidarité # sensibilisation # citoyenneté

Even a smile is a gift

They haven’t anything to give us, but their happiness when they saw us it’s unbelievable 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

Nothing to say 😶😶😶 just look at them. All they need is our compassion and help.

The dream

hello everyone, in short, I do not know exactly how to do it, and if there are specific point to respected or not. so if I skid warn me please 😅😅😅😅😅.
affected by this critical situation in my country and; as much as a mother, a woman and a citizen who really wants to rescue Tunisia. I have a dream to shared with you and I hope with all my heart that it works.
my dream is to create from this blog a community of help that is interested in gathering and collecting all that is help for the weak and poor categories of our country, today; all the world aware that since the revolution the economy is in vulgar back and our debts accumulate with the whole world.

  1. Without mention that life has become four times expensive before the revolution , and that a salaried means can not do anything. this blog has no relation with politics, neither politicians nor any other; it’s all social and it will remain. so all we want is to unite you to fight poverty and help those who need us – I really hope for your cooperation and for mode credibility we will try to show you the direct of our actions and the distribution of your help. I am looking forward
    to your messages

#help #humain_action #solidarity #positive_vibes